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Prof. Ir. Dr. Ani Idris, is a Professor in the Department of Bioprocess and Polymer Engineering, Faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and also holds a cross appointed as a Fellow in Institute of Bioproduct Development (IBD). She is also a founder of MEMTEC PLT a spinoff company of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and the Chairman of the Herbal Extraction in IBD. She is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and also also a Professional Engineer. She is also a consultant in several industrial projects. Her areas of expertise are in Membrane making, Bioprocessing and Microalgae cultivation and processing. She was awarded as Malaysia Top Research Scientist in 2015 and recently won the Top Glove Industrial Collaboration Grant. She has published in more than 140 impact factor journals relating to her research area, obtained over 3000 citations, H- index 28 and has 6 patents granted. Some of her recently related publications are as follows:

  1. Low, K.L., Idris, A., Mohd Yusof, N. (2020) Novel protocol optimized for microalgae lutein used as food additives. Food Chemistry, Vol 37, March 2020 Article. 125631

  2. Khairuddin, N.F.M., Idris, A.Hock, L.W.(2019). Harvesting Nannochloropsis sp. using PES/MWCNT/LiBr membrane with good antifouling properties. Separation and Purification Technology. 1-11.

  3. Suzana Wahidin, Ani Idris, Noordin Mohd Yusof, Nor Hisham Haji Kamis, Sitti Raehanah Muhamad Shaleh(2018). Optimization of the ionic liquid-microwave assisted one-step biodiesel production process from wet microalgal biomass. Energy. Conversion and Management 171, 1397-1404.

  4. Chee Loong, T., Idris A. (2017) A. One step transesterification of biodiesel production using simultaneous cooling and microwave heating. Journal of Cleaner Production. (146) 57-62.

  5. Madiha Atta, Attaullah Bukhari, Ani Idris, (2016) Enhanced lipid selective extraction from Chlorella vulgaris without cell sacrifice. Algal Research, 20, 7- 15.

  6. Wahidin, S.,Idris, A., Shaleh, S.R.M. (2016). Ionic liquid as a promising biobased green solvent in combination with microwave irradiation for direct biodiesel production. Bioresource Technology. 206, 150-154.

  7. Chee Loong Teo, Ani Idris (2014). Evaluation of direct transesterification of microalgae using microwave irradiation. Bioresource Technology, 174, 281-286

  8. Chee Loong Teo, Ani Idris (2014). Rapid alkali catalysed transesterification of lipid to biodiesel using simultaneous cooling and microwave heating and its optimisation Bioresource Technology, 174, 311 -315.

  9. Chee Loong Teo, Ani Idris (2014). Enhancing the various solvent extraction method via microwave irradiation for extraction of lipids from marine microalgae in biodiesel production Bioresource Technology, 171, 477-481

  10. Chee Loong Teo, Ani Idris, Nor Azimah Mohd Zain, Mohamad Taisir (2014) Synergistic effect of optimizing light-emitting diode illumination quality and intensity to manipulate composition of fatty acid methyl esters fromNannochloropsis sp. Bioresource Technology,173, 284-290 

  11.  Chee Loong Teo, Madiha Atta, Attaullah Bukhari, Mohamad Taisir, Afendi M. Yusuf, Ani Idris. Enhancing growth and lipid production of marine microalgae for biodiesel production via the use of different LED wavelengths. (2014) Bioresource Technology, (2014) 162, 38-44.

  12. Suzana Wahidin, Ani Idris, Rapid Biodiesel Production using Wet Microalgae via Microwave Irradiation. (2014) Energy Conversion and Management (84), 227-233.

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Prof. Ir. Dr. Ani Idris

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